Howdy! My name is Sole; I am an Infographic Designer from Houston Texas, and since January 2019, I am a UX Design student at KSU.

I've worked for nine years as an Infographic designer in several newspapers and magazines in Madrid Spain. As you readers can imagine, I love to play with data and information. My thing is to enhance and present data visually in a way that is immediate, easy to understand and digest, thus reducing the cognitive load. I like charts, diagrams, and cards, that is back to be a thing.

In 2004 I moved to the US, and I started working for a local newspaper in Scranton, PA, this time as Prepress Operator. After five years showering snow and feeling the cold on my bones, my husband and I decided to pack our belongings, grab our pets and move to sunny Houston. I don't regret a second of it. 

In Houston, I was given the opportunity to work for one of the best and most competitive direct mail companies in the world, Valassis, as a Graphic Designer first and then as Senior Visual artist and Application Specialist. At Valassis I discovered my passion for learning new technologies, facing new challenges and train people. Being a shy introvert, I even found out that I like to give presentations, who'll know?.

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